Trouble in the Jager camp once again…some time ago our drummer decided to leave the band for personal reasons, this situation has led us to cancel a short tour in Czech Republic scheduled for mid-October and further delay our split release with Agamenon Project. We want to apologize mostly to our dear friend Pet’a who has helped us book all the dates for the Czech tour and was kind enough to invite us to his fest (More Noise For Life fest).

From now on, Jagernaut will continue to spread hideous noise as a three-piece. Labros, who was formerly in charge of the guitar section, has moved on to drum duties and Bak, formerly responsible for the bass section, has taken over the guitar. So, the line up is: Lab-Drums, Bak-Guitar, Spyros-Vocals. That’s right, no bass anymore!

In other news, we have uploaded two new tracks from the upcoming (?) split with Agamenon Project for your listening pleasure/disgust!

Enjoy/vomit here:


About jagernaut

Jagernaut formed in late September 2010,we love loud,raw crust punk and we hate everything in this fucked up world.Thanks & fuck off.
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