Jagernaut/Terlarang – split ep review

The awesome people behind Grind To Death webzine posted a nice review of our split ep with Terlarang, check it out at the link below and if you want a copy of the split just go on our bandcamp page HERE. The split ep is also available from the Scull Crasher records webstore.

Jagernaut / Terlarang – split ep review by Grind To Death


About jagernaut

Jagernaut formed in late September 2010,we love loud,raw crust punk and we hate everything in this fucked up world.Thanks & fuck off.
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2 Responses to Jagernaut/Terlarang – split ep review

  1. wetealamerda says:

    i´d love to have that split 7´´but unfortunately i´m out of money. completely hard up,skint as fuck. postage is fucken expensive.thought of you coming to the czech republic to play on the 16th of aug. but your drummersqueezed away so that´s a bad news. you have a new one though? why aint you coming over then?

    Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2014 10:24:58 +0000
    To: grindcorizer@hotmail.com


    • jagernaut says:

      Unfortunately we had cancel the tour for now, yes we got a new drummer but we need time to rehearse and he just went on tour yesterday with his other band and because of his working schedule he doesn’t have any free days for the dates we had planned for Czech Rep. We will re-organize the tour and hopefully we’ll be able to do it later this year. As for the split 7″ we have already saved a copy for you that will be delivered personally!


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