drink,fuck shit up and have fun!

One of the best shows of the last years took place in Assoe university (Athens) on the 18th of June! Sharing the stage with  Slavebreed, Conspiracy Of Denial and Hibernation was a total blast,as it seemed in our drunk eyes everyone enjoyed the show and helped create a great atmosphere. Too bad Τελευταίος Αιώνας from Thessaloniki couldn’t show up ’cause of some troubles that occured (and for once more it’s the cops to blame!).

We’d like to thank the people from the Vankouver squat for setting up the show and wish that enough money were raised in order to pay for any construction work that the squat might need,keep it up guys and girls,squats are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise dead city!

In other news,we have two more shows planned during the summer. Wasteland fest in the Politechnic University on the 18th of July with Scorched Earth from Sweden,Slavebreed,Inhuman Poison,Global Disillusion and My Turn and the annual edition of Arm Your Desires fest in Tyrnavos city, not to be missed! 3 days of punk/hc/crust & grind awesomeness! Check our link page for more info. We’ll upload some posters as soon as we find out how wordpress works its way with images.

Till then,go have fun at a beach and listen to the new Doom ep!


About jagernaut

Jagernaut formed in late September 2010,we love loud,raw crust punk and we hate everything in this fucked up world.Thanks & fuck off.
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One Response to drink,fuck shit up and have fun!

  1. b4824839 says:

    Etoimasteite na ta gamisoume ola


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