about the first show & more..

So our first show didn’t go as planned ’cause our vocalist couldn’t attend due to the obligatory army service shit but since it was a show planned and attented amongst friends we decided to play our set and try to have some fun! A big thanx goes to the people from TEI Peiraia for inviting us and of course to the rest of the bands,all of them were great and the atmosphere was warm and friendly despite the minor attendance.

Upcoming shows are on 20th of May in Thessaloniki at the Biologica squat 2 day fest for the celebration of 20 years of organizing shows at the squat,we’ll be sharing the stage with Desperat and The Perukers from Sweden,Chernobyl Attack from Athens,Burn The Boredom from Mytilini and more. Another fest is being planned for 3-4 of June at the Polytechnic univeristy of Athens,more news about it soon.  Also at the 18th of July a mini fest is being organized,again at the Polytechnic uni,with Scorched Earth from Sweden,My Turn from Athens and more bands t.b.a. Stay tuned!

Right now we’re in the proccess of recording the vocals  and mixing/mastering the songs for the split tape with Hello Bastards,hopefully it will be out in time for the show in Thessaloniki. We’re also making plans to release a 6-track 7″ in October 2011,we’re looking for labels/distros to help us with it so if you’re interested get in touch via our e-mail jagernautwar@gmail.com

That’s all for now,we hope to see you at the upcoming shows! Cheers and take care!

-The Jager crew.


About jagernaut

Jagernaut formed in late September 2010,we love loud,raw crust punk and we hate everything in this fucked up world.Thanks & fuck off.
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